Scottish Shortbread and Soy Milk

Has been a couple of weeks since I checked in. Just sitting here post Christmas and New Years and reflecting back on all the hustle-bustle which has now transformed back into the mundane of life.

My tree is still alive enough and delightfully aromatic for our enjoyment. ( I’m really going to hate to take it down next week). There are still packages underneath it that need to be put away somewhere after the fact in this small little place we call home.

We are still eating through the Motherlode of cookies, breads and cakes that we received as gifts.

The candle burning in the kitchen is making this whole house smell of vanilla-pine.

The kids are on their last leg of their Christmas vacation and I am kind of looking forward to their returning back to school more than they are.

Other than that I enjoyed some after- Christmas sales, and two days off in the past two weeks, once last week and today for this week. My youngest daughters birthday is next week – followed by my oldest’s on the 17 and the middle daughter’s at the end of this month so we have that to look forward to in the next month.

I hope you and yours enjoyed a very
Merry Christmas and have a blessed Mew Year!


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