Picking up the Pieces

Been meaning to get in here for the past few days actually.  Not because of this emotional tragedy that we have had to deal with the past couple of days, but because it’s been over a week and my brain is full of thoughts and words that should be recorded here so that I can move on.  But it was a week of emotional ups and downs as well as some changes for my husband and I, then Whammo!  Friday happened and I ( along with millions of others) feel like my whole world has crashed down.   And I hate that feeling of having no joy because the Lord wants us to have it regardless of what is going on around us.  We are to truly believe in His goodness, mercy and grace and that He will accomplish that which He sets out to do in each of our lives even when we don’t understand why.   

Speaking of which… was the tragedy at the elementary school.    I think the thing that mostly gets me was how those kids were brutally murdered, and how the killer thought so little of them on his rampage.   I realize he had a form of autism, but still….   And knowing he had this his mother should have kept every gun locked up, oh and the Bushmaster?  That should never have been in her arsenal.  Ever.    Just imagine going out hunting and you have your rifle… Well it only takes one good shot to take out a deer.   With a semi-automatic rifle you obliterate an animal. let alone a small child or an adult.    That’s what bothers me the most.   Yes, they should still be alive, or should they?   Who are we to step into Gods shoes and make those queries?   The bible clearly states that we are here for a limited time only… The problem with that in this situation is that no matter how many times you can try to explain that to someone going through this.    I know for a fact that God has His purposes.  But I can’t tell you what they are at this moment, or why this tragedy was allowed to happen.   But we live in a very fallen world and man has been given free will.   God is no longer invited into our country, or into our lives.  The US  has become a “free thinking” society and unfortunately because of our actions we are going to endure heartbreak.   Did this tragedy surprise me?  No, no it didn’t.   Am I truly saddened by it?  You better believe that I am.   But since Friday this country has been united in love.  As it always should be.  There shouldn’t be any division as there has been in this country recently. We should all stand together day-in-and-day-out and we should be putting God back into our lives.   God didn’t allow the Israelites to enter the promised land for 40 years, there was a reason for that. Their rebelliousness and disobedience.   And so as it was then, it will be once again if we don’t stop how we are living our lives and turn back to God.   God will allow tragedies to come and go until He finally gets our attention.  


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