Paying it Forward

Sitting here listening to Christmas music on my Pandora app.    I’m thinking that i should be writing out my Christmas cards but instead I am web window shopping.    I am pretty much done with all the regulars that i had on my Christmas list to buy for and now I am just thinking about “paying it forward” for some friends who are struggling to make ends meet and have children to buy for and can’t afford to.    While Marc and I struggle we always manage to make sure our bills are paid, there’s food on the table and the necessities of this life are bought.   The Lord surely blesses those who put their faith into Him and so at this time, I am feeling particularly thankful and blessed and so why not bless those who are less fortunate or in this case are struggling more money going out and not enough coming in.


There are so many that are homeless, without jobs and suffering in this world.  We all need to do our part to come together and put differences aside.


Sure I could partake of a Secret Santa event at work, but why when there isn’t really anything I need and as far as giving something to someone that is collecting from the spoils of this world and who doesn’t need anything more… I would rather put my hard working dollar toward a family or child in need.   Because isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


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