Picking up the Pieces

Been meaning to get in here for the past few days actually.  Not because of this emotional tragedy that we have had to deal with the past couple of days, but because it’s been over a week and my brain is full of thoughts and words that should be recorded here so that I can […]

Paying it Forward

Sitting here listening to Christmas music on my Pandora app.    I’m thinking that i should be writing out my Christmas cards but instead I am web window shopping.    I am pretty much done with all the regulars that i had on my Christmas list to buy for and now I am just thinking […]

Why oh Why

Does my son lack the responsibility of doing his homework and turning in his assignments in Jr. High. This is his first year as he’s in the 7th grade. He did exceedingly well the first semester and now he’s failing in most of his classes. And we’re just at a loss.