Being Thankful

Hello.   For the better part of the week I have been reminded of God’s great forgiveness and mercy towards me.    I started out the week looking for some old church friends I haven’t seen for quite a while on Facebook.   I couldn’t find them because I think some people tend to think FB is evil.   But at the same time I was curious as to what they have been up to and through various searching I finally found the two I was looking for on the church website.   Its been a good 12 or so years since I have even had any contact with them. It was good seeing their smiling faces happy and content.  

As I searched I found myself looking for another old church friend that I know who’s on FB.   To tell you the truth I will probably never say another word to her in my life.   I haven’t spoken to her since I left my husband, and the last words from her to me was that I needed to go back into the situation I was having to live through.   I couldn’t live with a man that didn’t take supporting his wife and children seriously.   But it was her degree of accusation towards me that she has never heard from me again.   Sometimes we don’t think about how we say things to one another in the heat of a conversation.   Did I know that it wasn’t God’s will for me to leave my ex?  Of course.   But in the end my children’s welfare was more important.  And even now, I know that God probably would have gone on to teach us both a lesson in marriage. But at the time, I couldn’t stay in that relationship.  And now six years later my whole argument about my husband has come true and continues to do so on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.   He hasn’t contacted his children in three years, and he hasn’t supported them in over five.  So in knowing all this, I would probably still be condemned for the same sin my friend tried to accuse me of in the first place.   

All of this makes me thankful for what I have.   God in my life first and foremost again.  I am forgiven of my sin ( and I have been able to forgive myself) and God’s mercies and grace are new every morning toward me.    I am thankful that I met a wonderful man who is in love with the Lord as much as I am.  This marriage has taken on a whole new meaning of the word ONE.  I am thankful for my children and my job and all the wonderful blessing that are bestowed upon me and our family.


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