Im Here

I have just been uber busy the past couple of weeks with what seemed like a challenge every day.  Besides working such odd hours which are about to change in the next week back to my favorite 17:30-02:00 shift day in and day out until at least the middle of January.  Also, I have been busy going to classes because when you work at Disneyland, and you’re in a lead or trainer role, you are eduMickayted the Disney way of doing things.   And I had to make a trip to L.A. for a bogus child support order that turned out to to futile and stupid. Worst of all wasting a whole tank of gas only because the Child Support Agency of Los Angeles decided to reopen a case that I had previously closed and in the end came to nothing because they had a five year window back in August to pursue it.  Come October however, the opportunity was lost because that window closed.  The social worker begged me to reopen it and pursue the father of the kids for CS.  I told her it wasn’t worth me missing work and driving back and forth to Timbuktu forty times a year just so I could end up once again with no results from the bonehead himself.   I would rather struggle than have that dingbat right, front and center of everything i do.    Then the next little bump in the road ended up me breaking my tooth ( that big one right smack in front of my mouth) from a bite into bacon on my husbands birthday while eating breakfast.   So I had that fixed yesterday and am going back to have additional work next Tuesday.    Which if you only knew me I do anything I can to avoid going to the dentist and I suspect that I am not the only one.   i have good insurance, but I avoid the dentist like the plague.  See i can justify the doctor because the doctor isn’t going to stick me with some kind of tool to torture me with.  No, instead she is going to send me to the lab for that ( and in which I should get my butt there seeing as though she gave me the paperwork to me back in early August.)    With last weeks stresses I had a wellness screening at work, because we get bonused on our checks the beginning of January if we take our health seriously and follow through with our doctors.  Any hoo, I had a blood test that revealed that my cholesterol is at 202 which is just a couple of points above where it should be.  Of course I didn’t fast for 12 hours prior to that test like I probably should have, but in my defense if I don’t eat, I will have issues.   My sugar was high also.   Of course, this was the day I had breakfast and broke my tooth.  i had eaten.   And I had drank something also.   Oh well.

For tomorrow i have to be in Critter Country in the worst outfit ever.  I will be lookin’ like little Laura Ingels in an outfit that looks like she went to school in.   I haven’t done a FOH shift in over 2 years so this should be an interesting day indeed.


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