Halloween Time

It seems like I am always blogging on my Thursday of the week or my day off.

It has been extremely busy at Disneyland over the past couple of weeks as we are really getting into the Holidays( well not really) as Halloween is just around the corner, isn’t it?

My kids have decided ( at least I think they have) on going to the alternative night at the church instead on Halloween instead this year. We allowed them to make this decision, that they couldn’t complain when they didn’t go trick-or-treating. And I am perfectly fine with this as the prices of costumes have shot through the roof and we am no longer able to afford that in our budget.

We were busting up laughing at the fact that costumes back in my day came in a box with a mask and a plastic smock, and what did my parents pay for this? 2.00 which I’m sure 45 years ago was a hardship for them. As we grew though my Gram would sew our costumes for us. One year I was a pilgrim and once I was a tiger… But long gone are the days of imagination. I miss those days, don’t you?

So yeah, I’m looking forward to our alternative experience this year.



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