This hits the nail on the head for me. In my LOB at Diz I often experience the non stop barrage of disrespect and rudeness. It is sometimes hard to see past that and be courteous, but I find that in doing so it makes others snap out their self absorption and allows me to be the victor.

Grandmother Musings


Last Halloween I sent Lynn a book.  Within a week, she had sent a note to say Thank you, and by Thanksgiving, she mailed a long letter telling me how much she enjoyed the book.  Now, this may not seem earth shattering in and of itself, but it does prove that even in these hectic times, some souls still possess a gracious courteous heart.

          What is a courteous heart, you ask?  Manners, breeding, decorum, savoir-faire all define courteous.  A quality that is so often missing in our society, but one that Lynn possesses.  Her courteous heart often refers to the gift I gave her five years ago.  I do not remember what it is I gave her, but she does.  It is her repeated gratitude over my kindness that illustrates her genteel manner.

          The courteous heart can do everything beautifully from allowing shoppers with fewer items ahead…

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