Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. My schedule at work is so very topsy-turvy and its not making me a very happy camper. The next two weeks are going to be a series of screwiness. I don’t like change, because that usually comes at my expense in the form of less $$ […]

Halloween Time

It seems like I am always blogging on my Thursday of the week or my day off. It has been extremely busy at Disneyland over the past couple of weeks as we are really getting into the Holidays( well not really) as Halloween is just around the corner, isn’t it? My kids have decided ( […]

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:
           Last Halloween I sent Lynn a book.  Within a week, she had sent a note to say Thank you, and by Thanksgiving, she mailed a long letter telling me how much she enjoyed the book.  Now, this may not seem earth shattering in and of itself, but it does…

Ho Hum Dum

Another two days off have come and gone. I’d like to say I’ve gotten a lot accomplished in the 48+ hours I’ve been home, but I haven’t. I haven’t been feeling very well since late Sunday night, which really if you think about it was early yesterday morning. Which ducks I might add. The weather […]

Back From Church

Snacking on some cheese and crackers to ready the fullness in my stomach to bring on my sleepiness for a nap before work. Last night was crazy, 60,000 guests in just Disneyland alone. Holiday time is what we look forward to as we get more hours, but the fatigue in our bodies and minds is […]

What A Sight!!!

Captured a picture today that is a rare sight in our neck-of-the-woods. It happened that there was a flock of Vultures hunting our hills today for lunch. Out of several pictures I shot, the one that is posted of the two vultures is the best one I got.