Hats Off To You, Bud!

Last week we celebrated my ex Father-In-Laws 90th birthday.

I had a chance to really sit down and talk with him for about 20 minutes. His mom, Carrie, lived through the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Bud has made it through several earthquakes, but the one that stands out in his mind is the 1933 Long Beach earthquake. He was just a boy, and was at his father’s garage when it happened. He told me that he was throwing rocks at a tree and he noticed that the tree was shaking but he didn’t think anything of it. The next thing he knew his father ran out if the building he was in as the backing the building crumbled. There weren’t bricks then, it was a different building material and it wasn’t structurally supportive. He said he can remember seeing pictures of a apartment complex that crumbled all around a second floor bathtub that someone was using at the time.

We really don’t like discussing earthquakes, but they are quite the topic often enough around here.

Bud can remember his school teachers from his elementary days on through to High School. He was a Navy pilot in WWII. He worked for McDonald Douglas when I first met him, then for Fun Bus in Orange County, CA. Since retiring he spends his days being active with the Sheriffs Dept as a volunteer for the city we reside in and enjoying life to the fullest. He is of sound mind which he is very thankful for.

All of us are truly blessed by his presence, and hope we have a lot more years to enjoy him.



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