Oh The Irony…

So last week my oldest daughter met us outside as we were getting out of the car and informed us that the washing machine was no longer working and that she was going to start looking for a new one.   She has kept us up to date with her daily findings.   She ordered and paid for a new washer and dryer to be delivered on the 1st of October.  It is three times the size that our washer is now.  Its not front loading nor does it have the glass top which is a good thing otherwise we would all be watching the beauty of washing cycles and never get anything else done.

In the meantime we had to make a trip to the laundromat today to get all the clothes washed for the week.  And although I don’t like doing laundry, and I would rather not spend the money paying to wash my clothes it had to be done because I couldn’t do it here at home.

It took my husband and I two hours to do including the folding/separating part.

But there were some Tshirts that were still damp along with my pair of capris that were in much need of a tumble in the dryer, since I don’t own an iron.  

So I go to toss them in the small electric dryer that Marc and I purchased from a friend back in April, turn the dial and push the button and nothing happened.  So because it’s kind of dark in that garage, I come back in and grab my iphone to use my flashlight app.  Go back outside only to discover it’s fully plugged into the wall.  So i come back in the house and tell my husband who had been working on our laptop to go outside and take a look for himself ( since he didn’t believe me) and about that time my older daughter, Nickkie came out to the house. So the two of them set out to the garage as I am continuing in the house to put clothes away when I hear the two of them coming out of the garage.   

Nickkie looks at me and says, “The washer works.”      Apparently the electricity must have been shut off to that side of the garage.   So now we still have a washer that works and one that is on the way for delivery.


Oh the irony of it all.



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