JaSam on the Rocks

For those of you who don’t know who the heck JaSam might be, They are my favorite daytime couple on General Hospital.   Not only myself, but countless others have followed their happy, angsty, sometimes rocky relationship for eight years, and now they will soon be gone forever.   Steve Burton who has played Jason Quartermaine/ Morgan has decided to leave the show after 21 years.   I have watched him for that long also, and before that when he was on Out of this World back in the late 80’s.  Anyway, it’s hard to see our beloved couple come to this.    Its going to be hard to watch GH without him.     I guess I should get around to finishing my fanfic that I started at the first of this year.  And maybe think about doing another one.   But that’s like taking the time to read a book.  It’s a kind of devotion to a project that I don’t always possess.   Just like a famous author, or a famous painter you have to be inspired and some days/weeks/ months you just aren’t.   Our lives become too preoccupied and we get too busy pursuing endless possibilities.    

Even though I am profoundly sad that he’s leaving the show, I am on the other hand so profoundly happy for him to be leaving and pursuing his dreams of raising his children in Tennessee and not here in California.   I will miss him dearly, and as for GH without him I have a feeling they’ll tank.   ABC will be happy campers as they would like to plug in more freaking talk shows than we possibly need.  The last remaining soaps will become Days and Young/ Restless and Bold and Beautiful.   

But my afternoons wont be the same.   As a loyal viewer since the Luke and Laura days all the lovin’ in the daytime will be gone forever.


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