It’s Saturday

Can’t believe it’s Saturday already! I have had an interesting week at work which is why everything has gone by so fast, I think.

The second week of school has flown by. Remember that binder that my son lost? Well he found it in his Life Science class. And was do excited when he did, as he recounted the story of how he misplaced it to begin with. Any hoo, He really seems to enjoy 7th grade. He is writing his assignments down in his agenda daily, and completing them every night. But more than that, I feel that he isn’t so list in school. He’s in classes that are more suited for his learning level, and I think that is making a huge difference. So at this point, I am very proud of him and his accomplishments.

My daughter is enjoying the 5th grade. She did well with memorizing the Preamble ( oh to be able to retain knowledge). We need to start thinking about a science project for her to do in front of the class. If I remember correctly, 5th grade was one project after the next.


Looking forward to my Mon/Tuesday off. To relax and read and take the kids for a burger at In-and-Out.

After all…. That’s what a Hamburger is ALL about!!!


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