My son, James forgot his notebook /folder today in the boys bathroom. He left it there on the floor before we picked him up.  What do you think the odds are of it being at school tomorrow?   I think they’re slim to none.  What bothers me is that by the time he got around to telling us it was already passed 4:00 mind you we picked him up at 3:15 in the afternoon.  How can you not remember to grab something you set down at your feet?   I realize he was in a rush to get to the circle so we can pick him up.  But the darn thing was at his feet.    And you know as well as I do school supplies aren’t cheap.   It had everything in there, his schedule, his agenda and all the papers that had to be signed and given back to his teachers.   It just irritates the hell out of me because he’s 11 and yeah, I realize that they are forgetful at this age (So the principle claims) but it still is his stuff.  It’s the equivalent to losing your wallet.   And the fact that I work in a place where people steal things all the time doesn’t make me feel any better.  But that’s another story for another time.

The truth is kids are very seldom truthful in their actions.  If it’s there it will be a miracle.   If it’s not well then I can claim the first part of this paragraph as being true.


One thought on “Grrrrr…..

  1. Er – I sympathise – with him! I think I have a black hole in my house, into which all kinds of things are inclined to fall. And then I have to spend a week looking for them. Grr! It drives me mad. But it has always driven me mad, and I suppose it isn’t about to change now.

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