Super Dooper Tuesday Evening

It’s HOT HOT HOT!    Drier heat thank goodness, and cooling off but not fast enough.  And of course, when you don’t have an air conditioner in your house you just dread the heat.  Im starting to really crave some cooler weather, which would be more pleasant than this.  

James’ first day of Jr. High happened today without a glitch.   After listening to the principle talk about school I wanted to go back.   Even though today started out on a good foot, I am hoping for this to continue throughout the school year.  My 10-yr-old starts back tomorrow to the 5th grade.  And of course, she got the teacher she didn’t want.  But you can’t always get what you want…  Right? Right.  

I am tired as i didn’t get alot of sleep last night and have had to do a bunch of running around all day long in the heat.   So I am going to bid you adieu….  


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