Sitting here

Listening The Cure’s  Join The Dots album 3.    Just vegging out and reading through all the blogs I have listed in my reader.   I love seeing how the rest of the world lives.  It inspires me.   

We went to see ParaNorman today.  I can’t decide whether I liked it or not.   I thought it looked cute when I saw the trailers before Brave and was waiting for it to come out.   I guess I am just so used to seeing Disney films, it’s hard to sit still for a Dreamworks picture.  It’s just not the same, you know?  Well you know… There’s no MAGIC in anti-Disney movies.  I guess I am kind of bias since I do work for the Mouse.

Its been a hell of a week, literally.  It’s like we got all the heat and humidity that has been missing since last summer all in the past week or so.  It just drains you to the point of where you can’t think properly X’s 5 days at work in swamp-like conditions because of all the bodies of water that are in Disneyland.   And because we don’t have central air it’s hard to come home to a hot house and try to sleep.  Been miserable that’s for sure.

The kids have one more week before they get back to school…  ( I’ll post more on this subject next week)  


What has everyone else been up to this week?    I would love to hear stories from you.   


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