Rough and Tumbly Week


So since I haven’t really posted since last Tuesday night before our surprise earthquake.   I was sitting down to watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s when everything started to shake in this house.   And being that we were about 8 miled from this epicenter of this one, it wasn’t cool.   My littlest  jumped out of bed and came running into the living room and wrapped herself around me panicking, scared and shaking like a leaf.  I was shaking too.

How I managed to sleep through the night was a miracle at all.   And may I just add that I am not in the least bit amused that it happened late at night.

The next morning I was just turning over when we got rustled out of bed by another quake.  Instead of it being an aftershock we had another around the same magnitude, followed by another good sized aftershock 20 minutes later.

Earthquakes are NO BUENO.   Unlike a tornado or hurricane you don’t get a warning.  But even if we did I don’t think that I could handle knowing we were going to have one either.

I am so thankful that there have been little ones that I haven’t felt.  Thank you Lord for that.

But in the meantime the heat was upon us.   And it has been a hellish week.   Especially at work where I work at night.  With the combination of the humidity it is just gross.   I don’t care if the heat is here, but the humidity is a whole other subject altogether.  My Monday and Tuesday were fantastic because I wasn’t outside.  Instead I was in the cool air of Adventure and Frontierland.   But Friday through Sunday, I was in the maddening melting pot of Fantasyland.  And oh how yuck that was.

On Tuesday before we headed to the beach I got my haircut shorter.  Which was much needed as it was driving me nuts.  And on Thursday took my son to get his done.

Today is my Saturday and as we roasted here at home I watched the last five episodes of Felicity season 1.   Took an ice cold shower so that I could find a little relief from the 100 degree weather.  Took a trip down the hill to pick up some odds and ends, four of those being boxes of ice cream bars/ popsicles.  Came home at a bit of dinner.  Not much because it was still fairly uncomfortable in the house.

At present my front door is still open so that the house can continue to cool down.



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