Congestive Thoughts

So for the past two days I have stayed home from work with what is now a head cold, in the last part of the summer right before its going to be broiling hot outside .  Yes, finally some heat is coming our way.  As I sit here and blog there is a pack of coyotes howling and yelping not to far from here, mind you it’s  02:36 in the morning, and yes I’m congested and can’t sleep.   Go figure.    Anyway I thought I would blog for a bit and then maybe I will get tired enough to nod off.   Hey anything is possible right?   Right.

Anyway I was going to chat it up about the shows I used to watch on the WB back in the day before Jason and Sam ( GH) thrilled my afternoons.

So now as you probably know you can actually watch most of these shows on Netfix via the Internet.   So I started out with Buffy the Vampire Slayer only because that was never a regular show for me that I watched.   I used to watch Seventh Heaven, Felicity, Dawson’s Creek those were my Dave’s back then.    So as it was it took me four months to get through 7 seasons of Buffy.    I got done a couple of weeks ago  and wondered what would I tackle next …   Da da da dahhh   Ichoose Felicity, and now I am wondering why.     It’s been 8 years since I watched this show and I can’t stay interested in watching Felicity throw herself in the Lions Den every episode.   Finally tonight I got so bored after the first seasons Thanksgiving episode that I finally tuned it out and guess where I ended up?   With Buffy and Angel just to pass the timeband for some good old fashioned vampire romance.

It just makes me really wonder about how people change and view things throughout their lives.   Felicity was kind of my escape back then.   Somewhere I could take a mini vacation with.   I was a mom of two very small children 14 mos apart then.   Now they are 10 and 11.   One is going into the 5th grade the other into Jr. High my life is full once again.   But I think it’s because I have so much other activity and drama ( work) that I can’t get into some if these shows like I used to.

So much for getting older


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