Non eventful two days off

Yesterday I spent the afternoon being wiped out.   I guess the work week that had ensued wiped me out physically.  Mentally it’s the same thing day in and day out.  It’s mostly predictable with a few surprises that pop up here and there to make it an exciting challenge.   Wasn’t quite expecting the busyness that happened Saturday even though it’s Summer and we’re usually more crowded.  I think it it’s because of a number of factors that we aren’t as busy as we should be this time of year.  For one, the prices have gone up.  Yes, there are crazy passholders that shovel out good money to come into the park most of the year, and then those crazy premium passholders that come in practically everyday.   I work there five days a week, and am maybe a visitor 3 times a week.  And that’s fine for me.   Really.    But for some people its just not, they seriously need to watch Fantasmic 30 times a month. Of course, by nature, i am a very quiet person which means that the five nights Im there is enough stimulation for one girl.   So on my days off the last thing I want to do is do anything at all.    Usually its because I am overstimulated and the rest is that I have had my share of human relations.   

On another note..

We did want to head to the beach this afternoon but that didn’t happen either.  The weather here in So. Cal has been so wishy-washy this summer.  I actually thing that June was a better time to have gone.  We are practically in August and the weather has been TOO mild.  Its so unlike our normal hot weather.  I mean the humidity has been here day in and day out as a constant companion (hate humidity) but the heat has been taking a siesta.  And like I said August our usually hottest month of the year is looking like it’s going to be the same as our July has been.  I would like to head southward for at least a few days before the kids head on back to school.  I guess we’ll see.

So no beach today and who knows when it will be.


So instead I took the kids to Yogurtland, went to the grocery store, sat home, watched GH, read some of my book, watched 4 episodes of Felicity, did a load of laundry, did the dishes, had dinner ( which I didn’t make) and am now watching the USA women’s gymnastics ( even though I already know the outcome).     


Tomorrow I go back to work ~ Two days off go by fast.


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