My son, James forgot his notebook /folder today in the boys bathroom. He left it there on the floor before we picked him up.  What do you think the odds are of it being at school tomorrow?   I think they’re slim to none.  What bothers me is that by the time he got around […]


So my oldest daughter and I were discussing yesterday about how earthquakes NEVER happen during school hours. Well  I guess I can’t say that anymore. At approximately 13:31  ( 1:31) this afternoon we had another good sized earthquake 4.1 off the same fault that was active a couple of weeks ago.   It still shook […]

Simply Saturday

  Which is actuallymy Thursday.   This week is going by so quickly and before I know it school is going to start for the kids as they return on Tuesday and Wednesday.   It has been a decent summer.   Thank goodness not too much heat as it was mild here  while the rest […]

Sitting here

Listening The Cure’s  Join The Dots album 3.    Just vegging out and reading through all the blogs I have listed in my reader.   I love seeing how the rest of the world lives.  It inspires me.    We went to see ParaNorman today.  I can’t decide whether I liked it or not.   […]