Child Proof Cereal – My rant for the morning.


Im all on board for child proof caps on bottles of medicines or poisons but when it comes to the bag that my cereal is enclosed in and Im hungry there is a problem.  And furthermore, where is the scissors?    Now this problem has existed for quite a while with cereal, but why does it have too?    I remember the days when the bag inside the cereal box was foil like and it would open with such ease.  Gone are those days… The days of simpler times.   

Do the ceral companies not want us to consume their products?  One would think after trying to wrestle a bag open for a few minutes.    Is eating too much of a good thing bad for you?   Believe me when it comes my morning meal I love my cereal, and I can prove it.   Let me count how many boxes are in my kitchen at the moment.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 that I can see. Hold on for a minute will you?   24 boxes of cereal!   You could say I love the stuff and you know what else every one of those boxes needed a scissors to cut into so I could enjoy its yummy goodness.


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