To All Who Enter, Welcome

Finally after two years my husband, myself and my kids saw World of Color at California Adventure @ Disneyland.   It was simply fantastic but isn’t that how it always is at Disneyland?    ( I could go on and on about Walt here but I won’t).   Yesterday was the first day that we spent some good quality time in Cars Land.  Even with the heat, humidity and my asthma kicking up I still enjoyed myself and I know everyone else did too.    So since seeing WOC was at the end of our evening there were a few other things we did also.    We took the Red Car Trolley from Buena Vista St.   to Tower of Terror and meandered our way toward Radiator Springs where we decided I stead to take a ride on Maters Junk Yard Jamboree.  I sat with my daughter and we had a blast ( I mean come on, how can you not at Disney?)     From there we went to the Cozy Cone Motel and since they were hungry and we wanted something  cold they kids had mini churros and we had a large soft serve Ice cream which really hit the spot and then yes, we couldn’t leave without some popcorn Marc headed to get some of the Pickle  flavor but came back with chili cheese instead, which I have to say was just as good.   

With our bellies full  we walked the way to see if there were any Fast Passes left for WOC.  And there were.    After that the kids wanted to go on the Redwiod Creek Exploring Trail, do they did and we took a seat and relaxed for a bit in the cool shade.  About an hour later we left and took off to Disneyland via the Monorail, because seriously who wants to walk when they can take a ride instead?   


Once inside Disneyland we encountered huge crowds.   Yes, summer us in full swing.   Making our way through Tomorrowland we stopped in the shops for a while and bumped into some fellow CM ( castmembers) to say hello and catch up on some hugs.   From there we waited 15 minutes for a ride on Pirates of the Caribean.     I swear the ride gets changed around a bit  from time -to – time.    I may be wrong, bout I’m pretty sure I’m right.     

As it was dinnertime now met up with my  middle daughter and her boyfriend for dinner at The Plaza Inn and had a great dinner.    Since we had two hours to spare and the kids wanted to go to Toon town we headed that way.    Toon Town was an addition added about 20 years ago and let me tell you, we could have done without the  “tooniness” of it all.   I’m glad it’s in the back behind a heavy steeled gate.   Not my favorite part of Disneyland, but as it is part of the area I work normally I have to suffer with it day-to-day.    My favorite land is Fantasyland.    So while all the kids took a spin on the Roger Rabbit ride Marc and I decided to go on Small World by ourselves  ” It’s ASmall World …”    it was relaxing as we traveled through every country.   


After Marina dumped the kids back off on us we headed down towards the heart if Fantasyland as I snapped several pictures on my way from the Tea Cups towards Mr. Toad , past  the Peter Pan ride and out the exit of the castle to get back down to Main Street for a bit before heading back to California Adventure.

All in all we had a wonderful day together.

Oh!  One more thing I forgot to mention;  the kids and I got to sit in the very back of the monorail.   Boy was it bumpy!  


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