He Didn’t Have To Say So… But I know He is.

So tonight I was supposed to go out to see the Dodgers play the Phillies at Dodger Stadium.  I was actually looking very forward to this yesterday at work, However between yesterday and this morning I started not feeling very well, and so after buying the tickets, getting the cash to pay the parking with enough left over  to purchase a frozen chocolate malt for each one of us, I bailed out.     And so I know that his silence means that he’s not too happy with me at the moment, but on the other hand he didn’t want me making the trip out to LA if I wasn’t feeling well enough to do it and/or completely feel like crap tomorrow morning from being in the chilly July air. So we stayed home.    And the only thing that’s making me cheery at the moment is the fact that indeed the Dodgers lost again.   I love my Dodgers, so don’t get me wrong, but I would have felt ten times worse if they had actually won tonight.  


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