Here is a sneaky one!

Here is a sneaky one!

I thought that I would post some pics on here of Disneyland and California Adventure. I’ll start with this one of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and continue over the next couple of days of some of my most favorite shots around Disneyland.

I hope you enjoy this photo. And if you have ever visited Disneyland maybe you could leave a favorite memory of it in the comments sections.

To All Who Enter, Welcome

Finally after two years my husband, myself and my kids saw World of Color at California Adventure @ Disneyland.   It was simply fantastic but isn’t that how it always is at Disneyland?    ( I could go on and on about Walt here but I won’t).   Yesterday was the first day that we […]

The Autry Museum

Was incredible cool ( in more ways than one)  as it was roasting outside we casually strolled through one of the best  museums I have ever visited in my life.  Filled with tons of Western memorabilia and western artwork it really had a way of allowing me to relax and appreciate the rural western life. […]

Just a Monday

So glad to  be home today.   I love my job don’t get me wrong, but I so look forward to my two days off every week to unwind from the craziness of Disney.     I haven’t really done much today aside from sleeping, reading a bit here and there, making dinner and having […]