I have a dear sister in The Lord who really needs to read and hear these words. Thank you for posting.


Scottish Shortbread and Soy Milk

Has been a couple of weeks since I checked in. Just sitting here post Christmas and New Years and reflecting back on all the hustle-bustle which has now transformed back into the mundane of life.

My tree is still alive enough and delightfully aromatic for our enjoyment. ( I’m really going to hate to take it down next week). There are still packages underneath it that need to be put away somewhere after the fact in this small little place we call home.

We are still eating through the Motherlode of cookies, breads and cakes that we received as gifts.

The candle burning in the kitchen is making this whole house smell of vanilla-pine.

The kids are on their last leg of their Christmas vacation and I am kind of looking forward to their returning back to school more than they are.

Other than that I enjoyed some after- Christmas sales, and two days off in the past two weeks, once last week and today for this week. My youngest daughters birthday is next week – followed by my oldest’s on the 17 and the middle daughter’s at the end of this month so we have that to look forward to in the next month.

I hope you and yours enjoyed a very
Merry Christmas and have a blessed Mew Year!

Picking up the Pieces

Been meaning to get in here for the past few days actually.  Not because of this emotional tragedy that we have had to deal with the past couple of days, but because it’s been over a week and my brain is full of thoughts and words that should be recorded here so that I can move on.  But it was a week of emotional ups and downs as well as some changes for my husband and I, then Whammo!  Friday happened and I ( along with millions of others) feel like my whole world has crashed down.   And I hate that feeling of having no joy because the Lord wants us to have it regardless of what is going on around us.  We are to truly believe in His goodness, mercy and grace and that He will accomplish that which He sets out to do in each of our lives even when we don’t understand why.   

Speaking of which… was the tragedy at the elementary school.    I think the thing that mostly gets me was how those kids were brutally murdered, and how the killer thought so little of them on his rampage.   I realize he had a form of autism, but still….   And knowing he had this his mother should have kept every gun locked up, oh and the Bushmaster?  That should never have been in her arsenal.  Ever.    Just imagine going out hunting and you have your rifle… Well it only takes one good shot to take out a deer.   With a semi-automatic rifle you obliterate an animal. let alone a small child or an adult.    That’s what bothers me the most.   Yes, they should still be alive, or should they?   Who are we to step into Gods shoes and make those queries?   The bible clearly states that we are here for a limited time only… The problem with that in this situation is that no matter how many times you can try to explain that to someone going through this.    I know for a fact that God has His purposes.  But I can’t tell you what they are at this moment, or why this tragedy was allowed to happen.   But we live in a very fallen world and man has been given free will.   God is no longer invited into our country, or into our lives.  The US  has become a “free thinking” society and unfortunately because of our actions we are going to endure heartbreak.   Did this tragedy surprise me?  No, no it didn’t.   Am I truly saddened by it?  You better believe that I am.   But since Friday this country has been united in love.  As it always should be.  There shouldn’t be any division as there has been in this country recently. We should all stand together day-in-and-day-out and we should be putting God back into our lives.   God didn’t allow the Israelites to enter the promised land for 40 years, there was a reason for that. Their rebelliousness and disobedience.   And so as it was then, it will be once again if we don’t stop how we are living our lives and turn back to God.   God will allow tragedies to come and go until He finally gets our attention.  

Paying it Forward

Sitting here listening to Christmas music on my Pandora app.    I’m thinking that i should be writing out my Christmas cards but instead I am web window shopping.    I am pretty much done with all the regulars that i had on my Christmas list to buy for and now I am just thinking about “paying it forward” for some friends who are struggling to make ends meet and have children to buy for and can’t afford to.    While Marc and I struggle we always manage to make sure our bills are paid, there’s food on the table and the necessities of this life are bought.   The Lord surely blesses those who put their faith into Him and so at this time, I am feeling particularly thankful and blessed and so why not bless those who are less fortunate or in this case are struggling more money going out and not enough coming in.


There are so many that are homeless, without jobs and suffering in this world.  We all need to do our part to come together and put differences aside.


Sure I could partake of a Secret Santa event at work, but why when there isn’t really anything I need and as far as giving something to someone that is collecting from the spoils of this world and who doesn’t need anything more… I would rather put my hard working dollar toward a family or child in need.   Because isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Why oh Why

Does my son lack the responsibility of doing his homework and turning in his assignments in Jr. High.

This is his first year as he’s in the 7th grade.

He did exceedingly well the first semester and now he’s failing in most of his classes.

And we’re just at a loss.

In a Nutshell…

Oh my gosh I ate so much food on Thanksgiving and got totally sick.    It was soo good though.  Hopefully on Christmas I will exercise a little more control.   

And since Friday I have been sick with what feels like the flu. 

Tomorrow I  have to go back to work.  Blah! 

Being Thankful

Hello.   For the better part of the week I have been reminded of God’s great forgiveness and mercy towards me.    I started out the week looking for some old church friends I haven’t seen for quite a while on Facebook.   I couldn’t find them because I think some people tend to think FB is evil.   But at the same time I was curious as to what they have been up to and through various searching I finally found the two I was looking for on the church website.   Its been a good 12 or so years since I have even had any contact with them. It was good seeing their smiling faces happy and content.  

As I searched I found myself looking for another old church friend that I know who’s on FB.   To tell you the truth I will probably never say another word to her in my life.   I haven’t spoken to her since I left my husband, and the last words from her to me was that I needed to go back into the situation I was having to live through.   I couldn’t live with a man that didn’t take supporting his wife and children seriously.   But it was her degree of accusation towards me that she has never heard from me again.   Sometimes we don’t think about how we say things to one another in the heat of a conversation.   Did I know that it wasn’t God’s will for me to leave my ex?  Of course.   But in the end my children’s welfare was more important.  And even now, I know that God probably would have gone on to teach us both a lesson in marriage. But at the time, I couldn’t stay in that relationship.  And now six years later my whole argument about my husband has come true and continues to do so on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.   He hasn’t contacted his children in three years, and he hasn’t supported them in over five.  So in knowing all this, I would probably still be condemned for the same sin my friend tried to accuse me of in the first place.   

All of this makes me thankful for what I have.   God in my life first and foremost again.  I am forgiven of my sin ( and I have been able to forgive myself) and God’s mercies and grace are new every morning toward me.    I am thankful that I met a wonderful man who is in love with the Lord as much as I am.  This marriage has taken on a whole new meaning of the word ONE.  I am thankful for my children and my job and all the wonderful blessing that are bestowed upon me and our family.

Im Here

I have just been uber busy the past couple of weeks with what seemed like a challenge every day.  Besides working such odd hours which are about to change in the next week back to my favorite 17:30-02:00 shift day in and day out until at least the middle of January.  Also, I have been busy going to classes because when you work at Disneyland, and you’re in a lead or trainer role, you are eduMickayted the Disney way of doing things.   And I had to make a trip to L.A. for a bogus child support order that turned out to to futile and stupid. Worst of all wasting a whole tank of gas only because the Child Support Agency of Los Angeles decided to reopen a case that I had previously closed and in the end came to nothing because they had a five year window back in August to pursue it.  Come October however, the opportunity was lost because that window closed.  The social worker begged me to reopen it and pursue the father of the kids for CS.  I told her it wasn’t worth me missing work and driving back and forth to Timbuktu forty times a year just so I could end up once again with no results from the bonehead himself.   I would rather struggle than have that dingbat right, front and center of everything i do.    Then the next little bump in the road ended up me breaking my tooth ( that big one right smack in front of my mouth) from a bite into bacon on my husbands birthday while eating breakfast.   So I had that fixed yesterday and am going back to have additional work next Tuesday.    Which if you only knew me I do anything I can to avoid going to the dentist and I suspect that I am not the only one.   i have good insurance, but I avoid the dentist like the plague.  See i can justify the doctor because the doctor isn’t going to stick me with some kind of tool to torture me with.  No, instead she is going to send me to the lab for that ( and in which I should get my butt there seeing as though she gave me the paperwork to me back in early August.)    With last weeks stresses I had a wellness screening at work, because we get bonused on our checks the beginning of January if we take our health seriously and follow through with our doctors.  Any hoo, I had a blood test that revealed that my cholesterol is at 202 which is just a couple of points above where it should be.  Of course I didn’t fast for 12 hours prior to that test like I probably should have, but in my defense if I don’t eat, I will have issues.   My sugar was high also.   Of course, this was the day I had breakfast and broke my tooth.  i had eaten.   And I had drank something also.   Oh well.

For tomorrow i have to be in Critter Country in the worst outfit ever.  I will be lookin’ like little Laura Ingels in an outfit that looks like she went to school in.   I haven’t done a FOH shift in over 2 years so this should be an interesting day indeed.